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Friday, July 19, 2013

[Video] Ray West - "Berii Lipstick"

Ray West keeps the heat coming with his Red Apples 45 label; since his and AG's 2010 debut album on the label, "Everything's Berri" the producer has dropped a slew of dope releases on the LP. His latest release is a 7" EP called "Berii Lipstick", a six track EP featuring tracks built around samples of '50s and '60s and featuring tracks starring AG, OC, Blu, and Dave Dar. The first video has just been released and is a laid-back instrumental track called "Berii Lipstick", a track that doesn't appear with that title on the tracklist (though the EP is called just that), but it might be the instrumental of the song with AG called "Berii". You can order the EP @ FatBeats Now!
1. Ride Home ft. Blu
2. New Luv ft. OC
3. By Choice
1. Stay Still ft. Blu & Dave Dar
2. Too Cool To Be Glue
3. Berrii ft. AG

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