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Monday, July 29, 2013

[EP] CAROLINA DIRTY - "New Girl in Town"

Hip-Hop has definitely always been a man's world, so it's always appreciated when a hardspitting woman come along and really bring that gutter shit. For Carolina Dirty's first EP "New Girl in Town" she takes the help of the powerful duo of Amir & Spectac (with Spectac providing two ill guest verses, and Amir producing five of the EP's six cuts). But don't be fooled into Think that Carolina hasn't payed her dues; originally honing her skill together with Illegal's Mr. Malik at a Young age. She kept struggling and came close to signing with Death Row together with Malik, and a potential deal with TLC's Left-Eye. The hard work has obviously paid off, and if you want to hear a beautiful voice spit sick lyrics over smooth but knocking beats. Thanks to KevinNottingham. 

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