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Monday, July 29, 2013

Ghetto Socks - "Everyday Apocalypse" / "I'll Be Your Dog"

It's no secret that The Lost Tapes are huge fan of anything related to Soundsci, and although not a 'Sci joint per say, this slamming recent 7" on Blunted Astronaut Records have both the A- and B-side produced by The Process (Jonny Cuba + DJ Ollie Teeba; with the latter also performing the cuts). The main artist is Ghetto Socks who truly goes IN, just like he did the first time I heard him which just happened to be on Soundsci's debut album "The Formula" about a year ago. The A-side "Everyday Apocalyps" also features a 16 from the emcee Timbuktu, while the B-side ("I'll Be Your Dog") brings a cameo from the impressive Muneshine. This all really come together perfectly ... the beat, the cuts, the main emcee, the cameo, the vibe; plus it comes packaged in a real nice package supplied by Blunted Astronat as you see above, and for just €6.95 it can be yours. TURN IT UP!!

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