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Saturday, August 3, 2013


I figure I got time to drop one more, and this is absolutely juicy stuff if you have managed to not hear about it yet.. I'm sure the vast majority of heads hanging out here are really digging the records Adrian Younge has delivered to Ghostface Killah, Venice Dawn, The Delphonics and for the "Black Dynamite" soundtracks. Well, probably the most exciting thing I've heard this weekend is that Younge has already produced and recorded yet another concept album for Soul Temple Records, and this time it's none others than Hiero's Souls Of Mischief! I  don't really have time to write anything about the little info that is out right now, more than Ali Shaheed Muhammad is doing the narration for the story told through these tracks, and the sound has been described as "Low End Theory" meets "De La Soul is Dead". Read more @ XXL while we wait for that first single to be unlocked!


  1. WOW

    Their union with Prince Paul looked good on paper too. But the outcome wasn't that superb (their better album since "'93..."). Hope this will be better.


  2. peace Andrew,

    i have to disagree with you on that one though. i've been meaning to make a post on how underrated that Souls of Mischief / Prince Paul album really is imo; just like you, the first couple of times i heard it i thought it wasn't very great, but that's one album that grew like grass in hard rain on me. from the intro to the outro i think it's brilliant,

    and i am absolutely certain this will be brilliant as well!!

    / [not on my comp, that's why i'm not logged on]

  3. First half of the album is untouchable! And like u said only grows with time (which is the meaning of classic for me) but second half has some unnecessery joints that only getting worse with time. This fact stopped me from calling this album perfect. But like i said its their best album not called '93 Till Infinity.