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Saturday, August 31, 2013

[Video] YESH - "No Guarantees" [Diamond Remix]

Kid Tsunami is a new act that recentyt emerged on the ever growing hip-hop scene to take his rightful place as a talented '90s steez producer. Kicking things off´with the 12" single "Bang Excousive" (which features cameos from Sean Price, and Da Beatminerz to name a few), that caught a lot of buzz leading up to the soon to be released LP. Keep checking back for an official release date for the project while you bang this one LOUD. While the majoritu of the project is  instrumental, the product also sees lot of interesting guest versesto be found here. However, it's of course YESH who will be at the forefront, and she of course does an exceollen a good job on the dark production.Every single beat on "Saga" represents vintage hg, butthere's no doubt that the Inntelligent Hoodlum Definitelly check this one out ASAP.. July 15 is the retail release"!

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