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Sunday, August 4, 2013

More from K-DEF & DACAPO

The Program was the original name chosen for the emcee/producer constellation that was formed by New Jersey's DJ K-DEF and New York MC DaCapo sometime around 2006. A seriously dope digital 7-track EP called "The Article" was meant to kick things off and the group even had a catalouge number and release date listed for a release that was since shelved, and not much more was heard from the pair... until 2013, when Slice-Of-Spice went all out and released the vast majority of The Program's music on limited vinyl; including the original EP with instrumentals and including one bonus track, an additional four songs EP called "Genius", and finally a three tracks deep 12" called "Secret Slice". I've listened extensively to The Program both back when the original EP hit the net in early 2008, and now that S-O-S have given their music the proper release it always deserved. These are still available for purchase @ SliceOfSpice's online store.

It turns out that besides the 14 original tracks found on the three releases mentioned above, which is said to have been recorded between 2006 and 2009,  K-DEF and DaCapo has via their respective Soundcloud pages themeselves let loose of three additional collaborations. The tracks are called "Get With The Program", "Fly Like" and "No More Justice, No More Peace"; the latter which is dedicated to the family of Trayvon Martin. These songs follow the laid-back, head nodding, layered production and insightful, socially aware and self-reflective lyrics of previous The Program tracks. Damn how I'd wish for of these tracks to be collected and released as a proper album for an ordinary retail price (I could imagine "Get With The Program" as a swinging opener). On a related side note, while you're at it you should also peep out this ill track starring EMDEE called "That Work...".

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