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Sunday, August 4, 2013

JAY DEE - "Diamonds (The Shining Pt. 1)"

I've written it before, but an official release of Jay Dee's long lost vocal album for MCA circa 2002 has long been high on my wish list. 2013 it's finally time for that as was previously reported with the release of the first 12", "The Anthem" / "Trucks", two tracks that were previously both found on the unauthorized leak around 2010 including ten songs recorded for the project (the focused listener noticed that "The Anthem" was in reality a different version of the Kanye West produced "We F'd Up"). While there's still no official release date for the full album, it's evident that we are getting closer to finally getting the final album fully produced, arranged and sequenced by Dilla that we will ever get to hear, as the second single from the project is now ready for release. 

Titled "Diamonds & Ice" this forthcoming EP features two Dilla vocal cuts in two alternate mixes each, including instrumentals and a bonus beat. Check the facts; long before "The Shining", Dilla gave the subtitle The Shining Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 to two tracks from "The Diary" (a.k.a. "Pay Jay"); the Nottz produced "Diamonds", and the Madlib produced "Ice" as both cuts saw the Detroit maestro reflect on the expensive, shinier things in life. "Diamonds" was included on the aforementioned leak, while "Ice" was released as a bonus track on certain issues of Jaylib's "Champion Sound" and as a promo 12". What's really funny is that I've been tacking on just "Ice" as the outro to the "Pay Jay" leak for my iPod tracklist for at least a year since I felt it really fit the vibe of the LP, as well as the incomplete leak missing a Madlib production. Additionally, the EP also features a bonus beat called "The D", another Madlib beat that Jay Dee secured for the MCA record yet never recorded vocals over. All music on this Pay Jay record comes straight from the mixed and completed masters created by Dilla himself. Pre-order "Diamonds & Ice" @ Rappcats, and turn the volume up LOUD on the mastered version of "Diamonds (The Shining Pt. 1)" below... So chunky!

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