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Friday, August 16, 2013

Captain Murphy x Earl Sweatshirt x DOOM x Thundercat

I really enjoyed Flying Lotus' left-field, psychadelic and experimental "Duality" album under the rapping alter-ego Captain Murphy last year and if you too dug that, the latest installment in the Adult Swim singles 2013 will satisfy you in much the same way. Especially since it features MF DOOM in his Viktor Vaughn persona, the single talented cat from the Odd Future collective, plus frequent Lotus collaborator Thundercat who adds some real nice bass lines to the haunting piano keys and overall dark mood of the track. Titled "Between Villains", the single is a sequel/remix to the Captain's previous collaboration with Earl Sweatshirt called "Between Friends". For some reason I can't seem to embed the Soundcloud link, or even find it once I click on it, so I'll link you over to Okayplayer below til' I'm able to fix that! Link borrowed from EarMilk, much thanks guys!

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