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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Maurice "Mobetta" Brown Ft. Prodigy - "Daydreams"

A few weeks back I introduced you to Maurice "Mobetta" Brown with his collaboration with Jean Grae, "Day at the Ranch", the first single from the multi-tasking artist's upcoming self-titled debut. The second drop from the LP is called "Daydreams" and features a guest verse from Prodigy. While I don't give much for Mobetta's rhymes, I dig the jazz vibes created from the acoustic piano and trumpet heard here. "Maurice vs. Mobetta" will be released on October 8.


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  3. Although this review is a few years old I still need to correct you on something.

    This was not Maurice Brown's debut album. As a jazz trumpeter he released 3 albums before this one. In fact most of the samples used in this album come from Brown's previous jazz album The Cycle of Love. This was just something he did to showcase his hip hop side more being that he's as much a product of hip hop as he is jazz. His latest album The Mood is his most cohesive project yet, fully blending together his jazz, hip hop, funk, rock, and neo-soul backgrounds.