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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

[Album] KAZI & MADLIB - "Black Market Seminar" (1996)

Who doesn't love some of that raw Madlib every now and then? I've been quite heavily on a Madlib trip recently, listening a lot to the first Yesterday Quintet album, the second Quasimoto and the new LP with Freddie Gibbs so this is of course a welcome suprise. Some of y'all might remember the name Kazi if you're familiar with Madlib's discography as one of the guests on Lootpack's "Soundpieces: Tha Antidote" back in '99. There was also a Stones Throw 12" released by Kazi the following year, "Down For The Kaz", which featured three songs all produced by Madlib. 

However it turns out these two guys have a deeper history than I had any clue about, already back in 1996, Madlib produed an entire album worth of joints for Kazi that went unreleased all the way to 2011 when Kazi put it up on his Bandcamp page. I didn't find out about until today though as it was released on a very limited 2xLP set by Sergent Records, sold in pack with another unreleased album by Compton's Righteous called "Tha Big Jake Files" recorded in '95. Only 50 copies where pressed up however so you're out of luck  if you want the vinyl in you're collection but you can check out pics and read a little info @ Sergent Records. Luckily you can stream and purchase the digital LP via Kazi's Bandcamp. While you're at it you should also check out Kazi's official debut album from 2004, "The Plague", produced entirely by Oh No.

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