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Friday, November 28, 2014

BUMPY KNUCKLES / PREEMO - "Bars in the Booth #6"

DJ Premier continues to put his work in the legendary HeadQCuarterz studios (p/k/a D&D Studios) by inviting some of the best lyricists in New York to go in over one of his exclusive beats. We previously heard excellent sessions with Dres of Black Sheep, Papoose, Loaded Lux, AG and Jakk Frost, and now its hardcore emcee #1 Bumpy Knuckles going IN over a real '90s type of beats complete with a beautiful live jazz bass that sounds fantastic in between the excellent work between Foxxx and Preem. I saw these two perform "The Kolexxxion" album a couple of years back and it was absolutely mindblowing, and this takes me right back to the best joints on that LP. I really hope that this "Bars in the Booth" series keeps on coming; I would gladly buy a limited edition 12" mini-album with all these crazy sessions. We'll have to wait and see but until then, en-the-fuck-joy!

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