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Monday, November 3, 2014

[Tracklist] WU-TANG CLAN - "A Better Tomorrow"

Usually I don't really do tracklist/artwork posts for upcoming albums unless they come at the same time as a new single but a new Wu-Tang Clan album is HUGE. They was my real introduction to hip-hop, "Enter The Wu-Tang" literally changed my life, and although they've put out a lot of average products I'm one of the few people who think that "8 Diagrams" is an unbelivably underrated album but I'ma expand on that later. The singles we've heard so far are "Keep Watch" and "Ron O'Neal", and while they both suffer from out-of-place hooks, especially "Keep Watch" really got me in a Wu-Tang mode. "A Better Tomorrow" is unqestionably my most anticipated album of this year so to finally see the tracklist, artwork and even the length of the album (66 minutes) is pretty damn nice. 

01. "Ruckus in B Minor" (snippet above)
02. "Felt"
03. "40th Street Black/We Will Fight"
04. "Mistaken"
05. "Hold The Heater"
06. "Crushed Egos"
07. "Keep Watch"
08. "Miracle"
09. "Preacher's Daughter"
10. "Pioneer The Frontier"
11. "Necklace"
12. "Ron O'Neal"
13. "A Better Tomorrow"
14. "Never Let Go"
15. "Wu-Tang Reunion"

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