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Friday, November 28, 2014


You know we are HUGE fans of MF Grimm and Drasar Monumental over here at The Lost Tapes, and when they form like the unit that they truly are close to no other duo, artist or crew can come close. The chemistry on the first two installments of the "Good Morning Vietnam" trilogy both received best albums of the year in our yearly contdouwns (2011 and 2012) recently, and as I reported this Tuesday the final and third installment, subtitled "The Phoenix Program" was finally unveiled to the masses on wax and CD. Wer've heard the incredible six minutes sampler, and now comes the first official single to really make your neck hurt - a slamming joint entitled "Glaciers Of Icex".  Over a jazzy, laid back beat created through Drasar's multi-layered approach creating a chaotic soundbed of beauty that lets MF Grimm's well-thought out lyrics really shine. Absolutely beautiful joint, so be sure to TURN IT UP and head over to Vendetta Vinyl Vietnam ASAP to purchase your copy on CD or wax. If this is not one of the best albums of the year, I'd be very suprised, that's my word!

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