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Saturday, November 15, 2014

[Album] The 1978's - "People Of Today"

This was actually released back this Tuesday, but I've been quite busy living life so haven't had the chance to listen before but this album is incredible. Released by Mello Music Group, who keeps bringing the non-commercial but super dope vintage sounding underground hip-hop. The latest release from the label is the "new duo" 1978's album "People of Today", a jazz-infused headnod piece with brilliant relatable everyday struggle lyrics courtesy of producer Slimkat78 and Diamond District emcee yU. I was first introduced to Slimkat78 at the same time I first became aquainted with yU, as the former produced one of my absolute favorites of The District's debut album - "Off The Late Night". That really made me wonder when I would be able to hear a full album produced by Slimkat78, and hooking up with yU as The 1978's seems like a brilliant idea on paper, and from the tracks I've listened to so far it sounds just as good in its execution. You can stream the entire album for free via MMG's Bandcamp, where you can also purchase it; same with iTunes or UGHH for the CD or 2xLP set. Whatever you don't sleep!

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