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Thursday, November 27, 2014

[Out Now] MF GRIMM & DRASAR MONUMENTAL - "GMV III: The Phoenix Program"

Hell yeah, this is what I've been waiting for! The legendary MF Grimm and the super skilled Drasar Monumental has prepared the final installment in the "Good Morning Vietnam" trilogy, and if you loved the two first albums like me you will definitely not be dissapointed this time around. Going all in with mindblowing beats and superbly crafted lyrics "The Phoenix Program" should find its way to any serious hip-hop collectors collection. Check out the sampler above and head over to Vendetta Vinyl Vietnam to purchase the album on CD and/or LP (click on the PayPal links in the post) (also don't sleep on the crazy mix by Drasar at the bottom of the page). For those of y'all who never catched the first two records, there's a nice package deal for all three albums on CD. DON'T SLEEP!!

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