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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

[Album] YOUR OLD DROOG - "The LP"

The whole Your Old Droog controversy was mad fun while it lasted, as in a lot of heads being sure it was Nasty Nas pulling a stunt. Of course that was not the case, but the similarities between Droog's flow, voice, choice of words and cadence and early Nas is nothing short of uncanny. Personally I think the similarities are a little too many but the "Your Old Droog" EP that dropped some time ago is undeniable a dope listen. Now the Russian born emcee is expanding that into an 18 tracks deep full-length project, which is available for pre-order @ iTunes (November 25 is the release date). Stream the album for free via NPR.

01. "Quiet Storm Interlude"
02. "Bad to the Bone"
03. "Nutty Bars"
04. "Loosey in the Store With Pennies (Extended Version)"
05. "Good Times"
06. "Droog's Anthem"
07. "Gunsmoke Cologne"
08. "U 47"
09. "You Know What Time it Is (Extended Version)"
10. "Bye Outro"
11. "Free Turkey"
12. "Loosey in the Store With Pennies (Remix)"
13. "On The News"
14. "Boofanickoregs"
15. "The '70s"
16. "48th Street"
17. "Senseless Killin'"
18. "Bad to the Bone (Remix)"

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