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Sunday, November 16, 2014

[Mixtape] OL' DIRTY BASTARD - "Birthday Freestyle Mix"

Russell Jones, better known to the entertainment and hip-hop world as Ol' Dirty Bastard, passed away from us ten years ago this year; on November 13 to be exact. Still to this day his legacy stands tall as he has influenced countless emcees to come after him, still no one has ever even came close to duplicate his wild, yet often lyrical style, not least his son YDB. As we are nearing the second Wu-Tang Clan album without ODB's influence, the good people at Str8OutDaDen has put together something ill for your phones and iPod to remember this unique, highly talented artist. Titled "ODB Birthday Freestyle Mix", this continious mix mixed by J. Good, is made up of 20 minutes of nothing but crazy ass freestyle sessions from that Old Dirty Bastard. Much thanks to Str8OutDaDen for this amazing mix. TURN IT UP!!

In related news, long-time Wu and ODB affiliate Buddha Monk (together with writer Mickey Hess) has finally released his complete biography over Russel Jones life and times, as Buddha was pretty much always around. The book is titled "The Dirty Version". So far it has been getting rave reviews from many publications, and judiging from the excerpts I've read this is a MUST READ for any ODB/Wu head. Get more info and order the book @ Amazon, and via GENIUS we can read a full excerpt of Chapter #3, called "In The Lab", documenting the humble beginnings of Wu-Tang Clan and The Brooklyn Zu. Fantastic read, peace to Jammin for the find!


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