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Friday, November 28, 2014

[Album] BRONZE NAZARETH - "Food For Thought Vol. 3"

December is definitely shaping up to be one of the best Wu-Tang Clan related months in the years of music for several years. Whie I'm super hyped for the official Clan allbum "A Better Tomorrow" which drops on December 2; the album leaked yesterday in full and sounds as dope as I would've had hoped with real stellar verses and a good mix of the old and the new RZA/Wu sound. It really sounds great as a cohessive front-to-back listen. Then of course you got Ghostface's new concept album "36 Seasons" with impeccable live band The Revelations and producer Fizzy Womack, etc. is bound to be another powerful release, dropping the very same day on Tommy Boy nonteheless (kind of funny that both GFK and Wu dropped their respective new albums on the same date the last time around as well). 

Now official Wu-Elementz producer and Michigan emcee Bronze Nazareth returns with the third installment in his "Food For Thoughts", featuring Bronze's vintage soul heavy boom bap type sound that is sure to put the screwface oon a lot of the times. It's interesting to know that Bronze pretty much thought Apollo Brown everything he owned, even giving him his first equipment, and was part of the Wisemen at one point yet, despite the extreme similarities in their style, I don't think I've heard Brown shout on Bronze Nazareth on a record yet. "Thought For Food III" features Bronze's traditional hard hitting soulscapes over his ever improving lyricism and that ever growing flow and is definitely worth your time. Featuring cameos long time collaborations from peeps such as Willie The Kid, Wisemen and Lord Jesseiah. You can stream the entire album via Bronze's Bandcamp below, where you can also purchase your copy in CD or digital formats. Enjoy!

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