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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

[Album] HASSAAN MACKEY & KEV BROWN - "True Grit"

Damn, I swear there's almost too much sick music coming out right now, it's hard to find time to really dig into it all but this is one of those joints you just don't want to miss. I learned of the existence of a joint album between Kev Brown and Hasaan Mackey only a few days ago, and now we get the whole album stream. I've felt Kev Brown to be one of the more underrated producers around for some time now, and I banged Mackey's album with Apollo Brown "Daily Bread" a lot back in 2011. The record is out now on Ill Adrenaline Records, and as you can hear below it sounds official as hell. The instrumentals are being released on wax as well, nice work as always Ill Adrenaline! Support @ UGHHHHV, iTunes or your retailer of choice.

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