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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Akbar is a seriously ill spitter who I first became aquianted with through memorable apperances on records by KRS-One and Freestyle Professors. Fact is that he's been dropping 12"'s since the mid-'90s with producer partner DJ Parker Lee, and released the debut "The Big Bang Boogie" in 2001. Now he's finally releasing his sophomore LP, "Planet X" this year via the newly started Peasant Podium Music. Through uncompromising conscious and political lyrics Akbar's taking a stance with his music that will appeal to fans of the classic music by dead prez, Ras Kass, and KRS-1. "Planet X" is something refreshingly unusual these days as an album without guests, but production is handled by DJ Parker Lee, Preservation, Soul Supreme and a few more. Check out the three singles via Soundcloud and order from iTunes or PPM's site.

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