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Friday, January 25, 2013

[Comp] BIG KWAN - "VERBALIZED: Raw Skills"

I've had heard a few Big Kwam joints on mixtapes, cameos, and such back in the days, but about six months I picked up the "Verbalize: DJ Spinna Remix" 12" B/W "Capacity Blown". Needless to say, I was absolutely blown away by this talented wordsmith that embodied the NYC underground scene of the mid-'90s underground I first fell in love with. In fact he reminded me slighttly of an original mixture Inspectah Deck at his peak and a young Nasty Nas with a lot of uniqueness of his own to bring to the table. I am destined to find the rest of his discography eventually, but right now I'm sad to say that the aforementioned single is the only entry of his in my collection so far, but trust me when I say that they one day will find their ways into mt crates. Kwam's got a rather small discography however, but thanks to the digtial age, some "net digging" and frequent Lost Tapes collaborator Fritz giving a helping hand, I have managed to collectt all his recorded/released material which enables me to to introducing my trusted readers with a complete compilation of the rhyme slingers strictly impeccable works. And what an "album"/"compilation" it is; I really hope I will manage ti turn a few heads on to this lyrical beast who has such good taste in beats after a listen to these 17 songs.

Not much are known about Big Kwam, he pretty much dissapeared frm the scene as soon as he made his entrance with the powerful VLS. With only a few exceptions Kwan clearly put qualtity over quanlity. Kwam certainly were a part of The Creators' extended family, as they single handedly produced all of the five 12":s he released between 1996 and 1998; save for some outstanding remixes by DJ Spinna, Vinyl Reanimators, Peanut Butter Wolf, and Mr. Mayhem. He also made two apperances on the duo's '96 debut "The Creators Have A Master Plane". After solid guest apperances between '96 and 2000 holding his own LP where he bumped his lyrical head with veterans such as Pacewon, Diamond D, El Da Sensei, Twan, Aquasky, over beat by Buckwild, Da Beatminerz and Nick Wiz. This collected disography begs two question - what the hell happened to a lyricist like Big Kwam that could go far on the underground scene, as the seventeen joints and 67 minutes will have any true hip-hop will rejuoice over. So TURN IT THE F' UP and mad props to Fritz and my local record shop and my digital crates.

01. "Verbalize" [DJ Spinna Remix]
02. "I Don't Give A Fuck"
03. "Regardless"
04. "Raw Skills" [Da Beatminerz Mix] (w. Aquasky)
05. "Capacity Blown"
06. "Mic to Mic"
07. "The Reunion" (Ft. Big Twan)
08. "I Don't Give A Whut: I Don't Give A Fuck Pt. 2"
09. "Execution Expert"
10. "The Hellgate"Rebel" (Ft, Big Twan)
11. "Verbalize" [Creators Mix]
12. "Timeless Piece"
14. "Live Shit" (Ft. El Da Sensei, PaceWon & Diamond)
15. "The Reunion" [Peanut Butter Wolf Mix]
16. "It's Like That" (Ft. Q-Major, M.G.M. & Tru)
17. "Kwamaniz"



  1. Oh yeah, finally i can listen all the album.. i tryied to find on the web something but nope, only few songs in some mixtape.. TY for the upload.. Should try to talk about Big Twan, also! :)

  2. yessir, it's coming.. Big Twan was an interesting charcter too, unfortunately there's not as much material available.. but i'm gonna post the availabe material soon.

    i will also try to get an interview with Big Kwam, hopefully!! i also got some other interesting interviews coming soon :)

  3. This was one of the best posts ever. The material is class a. It lines itself in the great outputs we've had from Diggin' In The Crates, Ill Biscits, Jamal, Empty Pockets etc.

  4. I have to listen to this! Can you reup the album please?

  5. ayo is it possible that this will be re-uploaded?

  6. This is Big Kwam. I was having a conversation with people who never knew I rapped so I googled my name and this blog post came up. I am so truly humbled by this. It just shows that you never know how much people appreciate what you do sometimes. I hope some of the songs I made are also attached to some of your favorite memories. To me that's what is beautiful about being lucky enough to have made music.

    My twitter handle is @FR_INC. If you still want that interview I got you.

    Thanks for the love.

    Big Kwam

    1. Bullshit. You expect me to believe a guy by the name of Pep Almighty is the artist formerly known as Big Kwam? Nice try.

  7. could use a re-up yo!