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Friday, January 11, 2013

Drasar Monumental - "Vendetta Vinyl 2013 Mix"

Related to the post below, producer and DJ Drasar Monumental hooks up this funky mix of booming hip-hop for Vendetta Vinyl. Presented in one continious track mixed by Drasar, this features music by MF Grimm, Large Pro, De La Soul, OC, Sadat X, Kool G Rap, AZ, and more in a mix of new, classic, and remixed. Click here if the player won't embed below the tracklist.

01. MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental - "Tangerine"
02. Harlem Knights - "Harlem Knights"
03. Dutchmen - "Get Your Swerve On Flip"
04. Boostin Kev - "That Be Bosstin'"
05. M.I. - "All Night"
06. Large Pro & MF Grimm - "United"'
07. OC & Sadat X - "Yes Sir"
08. Kool G Rap - "On The Run" [Drasar Remix]
09. AZ - What's The Deal" [Drasar Remix]
10. Danger Zone Mobb Squad - "Flipping Kilo's"
11. Stezo - "To The Max"
12. De La Soul - "Brain Washed Follower"
13.  Doc Terror & Shawn Rhythm - "Nappy Heads Not Allowed"

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