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Thursday, January 24, 2013

FRANK-N-DANK / DILLA on February 5

Despite James Yancey, aka J Dilla, aka Jay Dee, passed away in early 2006, his legacy sure lives on through the huge amount of incredible music he left behind him; both in terms of the classic productions and albums he completed during his lifetime, as well as the vast amount of unreleased music left in the stash. Ma Dukes has made it her life mission to continue Dilla's legacy. Together with Delicious Vinyl, the label in positiion of much of Dilla's earliest material, Yancey Media Group are planning quite a few releases of official, but vaulted music, from the late producer in 2013. Two releases from the label will drop on February 5; the four track EP "Music From The Lost Scolls Vol. 1", featuring four tracks ("DeWitt to Do It" / "Smack A Bitch" / "Ruff & Rugged" / "The Throwaway") both produced and performed by Dilla. PRE-ORDER it here.

The second release is even more interesting for a hardcore Dilla collector like myself; in 2002 Dilla spent a year at MCA Records to record two albums. One by his Detroit brethren Frank-N-Dank entitled "48 HRS" and his solo album, though sporting productions by other talented beatsmiths. The former LP, "48 HRS" went to a lot of trouble before defing completely shelved; the first version was scrapped because it featured a large amount of samples. JD and FND then went back in the studio and completed a version with barely no samples, sounding something like a mix of Neptunes, Dilla, and Timbaland. It was not a bad LP, but it is easily the most unimaginative record Yancey ever produced with the exception of maybe five songs. I have the semi-official bootleg with cover and everything that I believe Frank-N-Dank themeselves put out, so if this turns out to be the same version I will not cop it (the tracklisting is slightly different though). If it on the other hand, is the sample driven version, I can't wait to finally get this in my collection! PRE-ORDER it here.

NOW PLEASE - Release the complete and mastered version of Dilla's MCA 2002 album "PAY JAY", an album that simply needs to get a proper release out of repsect for the late genius. It is the final and only project which features Yancey's vision and complete overseeing of an album that has not yet been released. Just like ODB's "A Son Unique" it's a huge disrespect that these albums have not yet been released. Keep your fingers crossed!

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