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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

[Comp] MEKOLICIOUS - "The Rude Youth"

Right before Pete Rock's Soul Brother Recordings imprint through Elektra was ultimately shelved, Pete Rock put his last cards on another talented emcee that he was fully to back up and eventually produce a full-lenght album for; this took place around late '96 and early '97. Mekolicious released a few underground classics in the form of rare 12":s and radio exclusives such as "The Youth", "Meccalicious", "Hope the World Don't Stop" and "How You Feel?". All is hard to come by but still remains vintage Pete Rock productions accompanying a very talented spitter. Pete's new protogé also appeared on unreleased versions of two songs that later appeared without his verses on the producers' 98 solo album "Soul Survivor" ("Verbal Murder" and "Strange Fruit"). In addition, Mekolcious also appeared on mid-'90s collaborations with both Rob-O (on two tracks that didn't surface until several years later) and the latter's now defunct INI crew in '96; the "Center of Attention" album cut "Grown Man Sport", as well as the Rude Youth Mix of the stand-out single "Fakin' Jax which appeared on the 12" single".

These ten tracks definitely deserve a Lost Tapes complation as they are all produced by The Soul Brother; something I've been meaning to do for quite some time but it has kept slipping be my by until now; but as the sayinng goes, better late than never. Though some of the sound qualities of certain soungs leave much to be desired this is a must hear for anyone who has yet to hear it, so whatever you do don't sleep as this speaks volumes on why Pete Rock should awyays be considered one of the three greatest producers to ever to do it. So grab the link below, TURN IT UP, nod your head and imagine what a full mastered album from Mekolicious (handled mainly be Pete Rock) in 1997 or '98 actually would've sounded like. I think it might very well have been held as a true classic today.

01."One Time" (Ft. Pete Red)
02. "Hope The World Don't Stop"
03. "How You Feel"
04. "Fakin' Jax" [Rude Youth Mix] (Ft. INI)
05. "Mention Me" (Ft. Rob-O)
06. "Slow it Down (Rewind That Part)" (Ft. Rob-O)
07. "Verbal Murder" (Ft. Pete Rock & Buddah Monk)
08. "Strange Fruit" (Ft. Pete Rock, Tragedy & Noreaga)
09. "The Youth"
10. "Grown Man Sport" (Ft. INI)



  1. I think this makes my day. I'll give some feedback later on the Compilation.

    What i find doubtfull are the tracks, that where listed on the official releases of Pete and INI.

  2. Back.

    As I expexted the mentioned tracks in my post above where known by me. They are not new. Don't get this as a critical manner, it's not meant to be as one.

    All in all this post by you made sense.

  3. non taken friend, as far as i know this is everything ever released by Mekolicious. the track titles might very well be wrong but this was the way they were released though.. i wonder what happened with him, my guess is that he had a falling out with Pete Rock like so many others considering he was supposed to play a "major" role on "Soul Survivor Pt. 1" as evident by the original versions of "Verbal Murder" and "Strange Fruit".

    on the original INI "Center Of Attention" album (not the BBE bootleg), the track that was released as a 7" called "Meccolicious" featuring Pete Red actually appeared in parts as interludes between songs.

    you can find the rare test press of the original INI center of attention album (the tracks are not separated though as it's ripped straight from the original test press vinyl that i guess they sent to the engineers and such).... search on the blog for INI Center Of Attention and you should find it, if you haven't already!

  4. here it is (the INI test press, official real deal) if you missed it before:

    peace to my homie Ant!

  5. Respect for that post fam! Mekolicous is one the most underated/unknown MC ever! Check on youtube, there's a track called "How you feelin" (not "How you feel") also prod. by PR

    The track with Pete Red was originally InI LP's intro, joint is called "One Time".
    "Vernon Villains" real title is " Slow it Down (Rewind that Part) "
    And real spelling is MEKOLICOUS Da Don ;)

    Lex (of Kalhex)

  6. thanks for the info Lex, and glad you like the post

  7. How you feel's corect title is sending this one out. Info courtesy of lewbusy. Peace

  8. thank u brother
    one love

  9. Can you re-up this very important link? I appreciate it.

  10. Please re up men this is def one of the biggest !!! :)

  11. Ah man this is incredible ,could you re-up this please? Amazing stuff here btw!

  12. Yo! That man is a true MC... I have nothing but love for you MEKO :)

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