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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[Tracklist] ILL BILL - "The Grimey Awards"

Ill Bill's"The Grimey Awards" packs one of the most exciting tracklists in some time, and as Bill regulary delivers heat this should definitely be an enjoyable ride once it drops on February 26. Loads of interesting collaborations here; I can't wait to hear Shabazz, Lil' Fame and Ill Bill, not to mention the combination of OC, Cormega and Bill on a DJ Muggs production!

01. "What Does It All Mean?" [prod. by Ill Bill]
02. "Paul Baloff" [prod. by MoSS]
03. "I Don’t Know How Long It’s Gonna Last"
04. "Acceptance Speech" (Ft. A-Trak) [prod. by Junior Makhno]

05. "Truth" [prod. by Pete Rock]
06. "Exploding Octopus" [prod. by Ill Bill]
07. "Forty Deuce Hebrew" (Ft. HR of Bad Brains) [prod. by Ill Bill]
08. "How To Survive The Apocalypse" [prod. by Psycho Les]

09. "Vio-Lence" (Ft. Shabazz The Disciple & Lil Fame of M.O.P.) [prod. by DJ Skizz]
10. "Acid Reflux" [prod. by Large Professor]
11. "L’Amour East" (Ft. Meyhem Lauren & Q-Unique) [prod. by Ayatollah]
12. "Power" (Ft. OC & Cormega) [prod. by DJ Muggs]
13. "When I Die" (Ft. Tia Thomas) [prod. by Pete Rock]
14. "Severed Heads" (Ft. El-P) [prod. by El-P]
15. "120% Darkside Justice" (Ft. Jedi Mind Tricks) [prod. by C-Lance]
16. "Canarsie High" [prod. by Large Professor]
17.  "World Premier" [prod. by DJ Premier]

* it seems that track #13 will be a Pete Rock remix of the single that was released recently (and can be heard via the link) as official sources credited that as an Ill Bill production.


  1. I asked Bill about When I Die. He said that they could not get the sample cleared on the original that he produced so Pete Rock remixed it for him and thats the version that will be on the album.

  2. thanks a lot for that info, i was real curious about that since the single with the video didn't sound nothing like Pete Rock.... considering Pete is one of my absolute favorites and "The Truth" is one of his finest beats since "The Joy" and the best stuff on "Monumental" with Smif-N-Wessun, I can't wait to see what he cooks up for this remix!