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Friday, January 4, 2013

[Video] BIZ MARKIE on "Celebrity Ghost Stories"

"Celebrity Ghost Stories" is an american TV-show that airs on The Biography Channel, where remotely famous people tell about their real encounters with spirits and the other side. I always kept an open mind about these things, so for me it was great to see the legendary Juice Crew member Biz Markie appear on the show back in October last year (though I didn't catch it until the other day which is why it's posted first now).

Markie's story is the first segment in the show which you can stream above, where he talks about his start as a rapper, at a very young and up until the release of the classic "Going Off" album with Marley Marl in 1988 and where that drive to continue came from. In my opinion, it's a very inspiring and fascinating story and deserves to be posted as it deals with the making of one of the real Juice Crew album classics.But for you non-believers out there I added a lil' bonus cut for y'all in the form of a hype radio show freestyle with Biz, Big Daddy Kane and a very young Tragedy (then Intelligent Hoodlum of course), promoting Marley's "In Control" album.

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