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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DJ Low Cut & Ruste Juxx - "Worldwide Roughness" [Al'Tarba Remix]

The Frenchmen are fucking crazy when it comes to BEATS and one of the illest repping right now is without a doubt DJ Low Cut who I've bigged up on the site before. As if his "New York Minute" wasn't enough, the Low One is blessing the world with a remix sequel to the album this March 26. "France's Finest NY Minute Remix" features new interpretations by some of France's finest beatmakers and vocal apperances by some of the States' rawest voices. Besides remixes from names like DJ Brans, Al'Tarba, I.N.C.H., Ghetto Blaster, Grim Reaperz, Astronote and more, the project also includes a gang of brand new exclusives from DJ Low Cut with guest apperances by Dirt Platoon, Lord Lhus, B.A.M., M-Dot and more. Below you'll hear the first single from the LP; the Al'Tarba remix of the Ruste Juxx banger "Worldwide Roughness". TURN IT UP!!

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