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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Just as Lord Finesse, K-Def is another one of the great East Coast artists that's collaborating with Slice-Of-Spice for the release of several limited vinyl exclusives of previously unreleased material. So far the label has released long-awaited stuff like The Article EP with emcee Da Capo, and a 7" series featuring tracks with World Renown, J-Twice, Prime Suspects, and Rated R. I'm so hoping that they will be able to release the complete World Renown album on wax, that would be worth a pretty hefty price too as far as I'm concerned. Just as with Finesse, last week S-O-S uploaded a one hour set featuring full streams of most of this material. To purchase material from the K-Def/S-O-S catalouge, click here.

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