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Sunday, March 3, 2013

[EP] K-HILL - "Archille's Hill"

K-Hill is a North Carolina born and bred emcee/producer who's another essential piece of the EMPB team, and next in line to drop another one of those fire EP:s I have came to love over the last year. We recently heard him on the fierce single, "Power Of The Tongue", complete with a hard boiling remix by IMAKEMADBEATS. The Analogic laced OG version of said song is included on the "Achilles' Hill" EP, which is now up for grabs/stream via Soundcloud and Elementality Productions ' site respectively. Just like with other recent releases from the label, the EP is simply a taste of what to come as a full-length version of "Achilles' Hill" will be released via iTunes and other music retailers this summer so if you like what you're hearing, BE PREPARED!

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