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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


When checking out Slice-Of-Spice's Soundcloud page for the post you'll find below, I stumbled across this amazing 1.5 hour set of Lord Finesse music. As I'm sure you know, Finesse and S-O-S have hooked up for the release of loads of previously vaulted music and new remixes, all available on exclusive collector edition vinyls. In this set, the label has collected most of those releases in a continous track for our enjoyment; simply fantastic! Besides snippets of the "Funky Technician Instrumentals", included are remixes of early Finesse classics by legends like DJ Muro, Large Professor, DJ Spinna, and Finesse himself, as well as a lot of dope unreleased cuts. To purchase this material on wax, head over to Slice-Of-Spice's Lord Finesse section.

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