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Friday, March 15, 2013


Milano Constantine is such an underrated emcee in so many circles, yet even amongst many of them his 2006 mixtape "The Hurt Locker" seems to have gone over a lot of people's heads. It's a dope but short mixtape, but filled with exclusives; unfortunately the only version I know of it is ripped in 128 KBPS but it's definitely listenable. Production on this tight tape is handled by D.I.T.C. affiliate Amed who contibute no less than five exclusives (who you btw gonna see a lot more here on The Lost Tapes very soon, both in the form of a compilation and a thourough interview).

Other producers include T. Ray, Will Tell, Grim Team, Agallah, and freestyles over classic '90 beats inncluding "Ain't The Devil Happy" and "Elevators". Clocking in at only 30 miutes, this is a focused mixtape, with dope production and showing Milano is always a damn dope emcee. So press play and let it run through, you won't be dissapointed. Mad thanks to Antoine for hooking me up with this, thx bro!

In related news I saw a post on Amed's Facebook page saying "Milano & Amed" album coming soon, this was posted around January but I think this got a good chance of actually manifesting, and I would love to hear that. We'll just have to wait and see, but I have high hopes for it; especially considering all the amazing music he has produced for Milano; a producer and an emcee that I always really liked, and have made a lot of underground classics together already.

01. "Warrior Call" / "Where You Been @" [prod. T-Ray]
02. "Big Dogs Freestyle"
03. "When You Hear"
04. "What You Thinking 'Bout" [prod. AKI]
05. "New York Got Me Depressed" [prod. Amed]
06. "The Formula" [prod. Amed]
07. "Global Warning" [prod. Amed]
08. "Show 'Em Part II... Freestyle"
09. "Mean" (Ft & prod. Delta]
10. "Ain't The Devil Happy Freestyle"
11. "Everybody Hurt's" [prod. Amed]
12. "The Lord is With Thee" [prod. AX]
13. "Heavy Metal" [prod. Will Tell]
14. "Hardcore" [prod. Grimm Team]
15. "Agallah & Milano" (Ft. & prod. Agallah]
16. "Elevator '90s Freestyle"
17. "That's Milano" [prod. T-Ray]



  1. I've been bumping this tape.
    Good post, man.

  2. Milano is a very dope MC but he badly managed his career.
    According to an interview by Lord Finesse, he wanted to go on a more commercial route
    and started doing things on T-Ray label (fogot the name). When that
    label failed to get the deal with a major, it eventually shut down.
    Lord Finesse was mad at the move and said that he's sitting on a lot of Milano music
    that won't be released soon. WildLife released the very dope 12-inch
    "Done in vain" with Finesse on production in 2006. Chaze of Grim Team
    also laced Milano with tight production. It seems that Milano
    is back in DITC circle with the new group Barburyin (w/D-Flow and Gage).
    They're supposed to drop a mixtape with Showbiz on the production.

  3. thanks a lot for that info, I know that Lord Finesse and Milano had some sort of falling out but I never knew what that was about. i remember a couple of tracks he did with T-Ray that i thought was quite dope though.

    "Done in Vain" was also on Showbiz' album "Street Talk" that same year, agreed, very dope track and i also agree that Chaze laced him good. he also sounds GREAT on the tracks with P Brothers production, man i wish those guys got to do some more production work soon.