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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DRASAR MONUMENTAL - "Every Posse Get A Flat 2.0"

Drasar Monumental keeps 'em cominng; running the label Vendetta Vinyl for just a couple of years have already resulted in a working relationship with the immortal MF Grimm, releasing the first of at least two EP:s in their outstanding "Good Morning Vietnam" which I STRONGLY recommend to readers of this blog, I even write a very positive review of the record that you might have seen (I can't find it in the search motor here now but maybe you have better luck if you're looking for ir yourself). I got a package of the wax yesterday, along with some other goodies from Day to Day Entertainment, and this EP souds (of course) even better on wax, so order while you still can.

Drasar is a producer and DJ, and his latest endeavor is forty minutes mix of straight heat, featuring nothing but raw shit, or as he himself put it: "I'm talking forty minutes of nonstop turntable abuse, rudeboy pressure, Battlefield producion, and all that wild shit that will make the average herb tremble in his skinny jeans..." Haha, that's some great shit, so TURN THIS fucker up, sit back and enjoy some real DJ:ing from Drasar.

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