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Saturday, March 31, 2012

12" T.B. - Hurricane G / Busta Rhymes

Here's a rare 12" Throwback for y'all;"Fly Away" is the only collaboration between underrated female spitter Hurricane G. and Mr. Busta Rhymes, and produced by mothereffin' Diamond D nontheless! Already from those three names right there, you  know it's a hot joint, especially considering it's a mid-'90s banger. This had extremely limited distribution and I'm not sure it was supposed to be released at all, but it was made available as a white label promo in 1996 only. Besides that and what I hear on the song I never found out any information on the song, even if it's Busta's joint or Hurricane's. Both of them were working on albums at the time; Hurricane with her '97 debut "All Woman"(which had some sick Domingo production btw) and Busta Rhymes with either '96s "The Coming" and '97s "When Disaster Strikes..." depending on when this joint was actually recorded. However that may be, the fact is that this is a very, very sick cut that deserves to be heard by real fans of that ol' boom bap. I'm very sorry that I can't remember who hooked me up with this over at T.R.O.Y. but all props goes to him and not me and if I found out who it was I put the name here ASAP. But for now, leet's TURN IT UP!!

A. Hurricane G. / Busta Rhymes - "Fly Away" (Main)
B. Diamond D - "Fly Away" (Instrumental)



  1. damn, this shit is incredible. that far away sample was also used on freestyle fellowship/myka 9's "7th seal". Do you know where it's from? I try really hard to appreciate the hip-hop of today, but nothing gets me as excited as the late 80's/early 90's era...

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