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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bumpy Knuckles & Preem Teaser

"The Kolexxxion" is today only one week away and stands as my most anticipated release of 2012 as of now. DJ Premier and Freddie Foxxx always had an incredible chemistry together and the forty minutes sneak peek that's been sitting on my iPod for some time now has been in constant rotation - trust me when I tell you that this is one album that will be worth having on wax, or if you're a CD head that's fine too. Check out the four minute teaser video above with Preem and Foxxx chilling out in D&D Studios (or HeadQCuarterz as it's called these days), talking about the album and many other things. As a little bonus I added the 2005 Bumpy Knucks single "Turn Up the Mic", Foxx only released collaboration with Nas. This original song was produced by Rich 5 but DJ Premier has supplied his own version of it for the album we should all support on March 27. Straight up Street Hop y'all!


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