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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

[Comp] CORMEGA - "Verbal Graffiti"

Next in line for the Lost Tapes compilation treatment is QB's finest; Cormega, and to make sure to deliver the best Montana tape possible I got some expert help from my big homie Rob on this one. Since the world first heard Cormega's immaculate style on "Affirmative Action" with Nas, AZ and Foxy Brown in '96, he has continued delivering banginn' street music and adding on to Queensbridge's legacy. His official debut album, "The Realness" stands as one of the absolute sickest albums this side of the new millenium and remains a certified classic. Unlike many great rhymers, Mega has always kept it 100% real and never gone mainstream or fallen victim to the "sophomore jinx". If you're still sleeping make sure to get your hands on "The Realness", "The True Meaning" and "Born & Raised" ASAP and work your way from there.

Next move in Mega's career is the long-awaited collaboration with Large Professor which will most definitely produce another masterpiece. We recently heard the first single, "MARS", and I think we can all agree that's a sound we'd love to hear an entire LP based around. While we're waiting for that project to materialize we suggest you wet your appetite with "Verbal Graffiti"; 20 songs of nothing but raw Cormega cuts and cameos that together forms a great overlook at Cormega's career from 1996 to the present. Featured here are tracks with Tragedy, Blaq Poet, Ghostface, Prodigy, CNN, Nas, AZ, Screwball, Roc Marciano and others as well as production from the likes of Havoc, Ayatollah, Marley Marl, . TURN IT UP!
01. "Runnin: Intro"
02. "La Familia" (w. Nas, AZ & Foxy Brown)
03. "Break Bread" (w. Tragedy Khadafi)
04. "Tony / Montana" (w. Ghostface Killah)
05. "Straight Outta QB" (w. Blaq Poet & Jungle)
06. "What's Ya Poison?" (w. Mobb Deep)
07. "War Going On" (w. Craig G & Marley Marl)
08. "Radiant Jewels" (w. Raekwon & Sean Price)
09. "What's The Deal" (w. Screwball)
10. "Who Can I Trust?"
11. "Intermission" (w. DJ Deadeye)
12. "We Gon' Buck" (w. Lake & CNN)
13. "Coming Home" (w. Big U & J-Love)
14. "Never Personal" (w. Mike Delorean)
15. "Three" (w. Prodigy)
16. "Back @ It" (w. Little Brother)
17. "Take Mine"
18. "Street Conflicts" (w. KL, Hostyle & Molemen)
19. "Loyalty" (w. Screwball)
20. "MARS" (w. Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Saigon)


  1. don't understand how mega doesn't get more love one of the illest to ever do it, and he's humble he'll shoot you down if you say that to him

  2. word Sav, he's constantly been dropping great street music, all his albums are at least 4/5 to me - and "The Realness" is a certified classic for sure. he had no problem holding his own beside KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, PMD and Grand Puba on "Fresh" which is remarkable to say the least. he got tons of great guest spots too, i thought this mix came out fucking incredible.

  3. PLEASE re-up this compilation. I've been listening to a lot of 'Mega after his new album dropped and there's a lot of joints on this comp I don't have. I'd greatly appreciate it homie.... Love the site & keep up the great work. Thanks in advance!