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Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Return Of The Mac" [Bonus Cuts]

Word is that Mobb Deep's next full-length album will be made in collaboration with The Alchemist who will handle all or the vast majority of production. I'm all for that considering how I often say that Prodigy's ALC produced "Return Of The Mac" LP is the best thing to come out of the Mobb camp since "Murda Muzik" and "H.N.I.C.". Everything about that project was just super fly, and although I liked how they kept it short and left off any possible filler, it definitely left you hungry for more of that dirty street funk these two gentlemen cooked up here. Some record buyers actually did get a few bonus cuts though, I believe it was the Best Buy edition that packed these three extra songs. "My Priorities", "That's That" and "Last Words" follows the same formula as the other songs and it's most likely that all of these were tracks recorded by ALC and P for the actual album rather than some unrelated material tacked on as bonus cuts. I realize many of y'all already have this on lock but there are always some heads that missed out on 'em before that will enjoy these!

15. "My Priorities"
16. "That's That" (Ft. Havoc & Alchemist)
17. "Last Words" (Ft. Kokane)

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  1. This album was tight. I haven't got these tracks so thanks for posting them up.