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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Canibus - "Rip the Jacker 2" Comin'

Ever since the Jamaican born, New York raised emcee known as Canibus came on the scene out of nowehere in the mid-'90s, he appeared as a lyrical and verbal storm. He was the next great hope, killing legends on their own shit when appearing on gems like The Lost Boyz & Canibus' "Beast From the East", Common's "Making A Name For Ourselves" and The Firm's "Despreados". The first downfall came when LL Cool J and Def Jam enlisted him as one of the guests on "4, 3, 2, 1", LL Cool J's classic posse cut from 1997. LL misinterpreted his verse, resulting in a beef with the rapper that, due to the still platnium selling, old school rapper's misinterpreted his line. According to 'Biz ths made 'Biz get somewhat blacklisted from the hip-hop game. And although his diss record "Second Round Knockout" was way better than anything LL put out in response.
Despite several records, that packed some heat but didn't come close to the hype 'Biz has built up through his guest verses. But then in 2003, Canibus hooked up with Jedi Mind Trick's own producer "Rip the Jacker" which again solidifies his status as a vicious emcee able to handle an entire album worth of material. The preceeding album had an incredible joint called "Poet Laurate" featuring nothing short of 100 bars. This concept was followed on "R.T.J." on the closing, and one of the LP's illest songs - "Poet Laurate II" where he kept spitting for 1,000 bars.

Now Canibus is preparing "Rip the Jacker 2" where the third installment which be a first for any rapper. Once again he steps up the "Poet Laurate" series and in this third volume he doesn't settle for no less than 10,000 bars spread out over a double disc DVD package.Soon available exclusivelty at Canibus Central. Check out the two amazing straming snippets, that's togethher run for about fifteen minutes as well as the choice to download both snippets when played back to back definitely gives you a look at into how incredible this will be. One thing's for sure, CANIBUS got BARS for days!


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  1. actually, the complete version of "Poet Laureate Infinity" was 1,000 bars (all four selections), not PL 2.... but cool, I think this shit'll be great for once in a while...