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Monday, May 21, 2012

[Tracklist] Alchemist - "Russian Roulette"

After releasing this year's brilliant "Vodka & Ayahuasca", Alchemist and Oh No are both taking time off from Gangrene in order to deliver respective solo projects. ALC's latest creation is called "Russian Roulette" and will, as expected, be heavy on interesting guest features. July 17 is the day, so save up!

1. Soundcheck
2. Apollo’s Last Stand f. AG Da Coroner
3. Crushed Kremlin f. Meyhem Lauren
4. Decisions Over Veal Orloff f. Action Bronson
5. Learned By Listening
6. Training Montage: Getting Stronger
7. Ivan’s Workout Plan
8. Never Grow Up f. Evidence
9. The Turning Point f. Roc Marciano
10. Live From Dynamo Stadium 2
11. Don Seymour’s Theme f. Midaz
12. Before The Fight Prelude
13. Adrian’s Words: Champion Song
14. Flight Of The Bumblebee
15. Kalashnekov Guns f. Guilty Simpson
16. Fight Confirmation f. Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q
17. Press Conference Prelude
18. Freakish Strength
19. Junkyard Fight Scene f. DRDC
20. Oleg’s Flight f. Fashawn
21. Moscow Mornings: Sunrise
22. Moscow Evenings: Sunset
23. The Kosmos pt. 1: Liftoff f. Chuuwee
24. The Kosmos pt. 2: Power Glove f. Boldy James
25. The Kosmos pt. 3: In Orbit
26. The Kosmos pt. 4: Moon Probe f. Big Twinz
27. The Kosmos pt. 5: 1st Contact: The Chase
28. The Kosmos pt. 6: Life On Another Planet f. Willie The Kid
29. The Kosmos pt. 7: The Explanation f. Mr. MFN eXquire
30. The Kosmos pt. 8: Return To Earth Outro

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