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Friday, May 25, 2012

[EP/Comp] MC EIHT - "Which Way iz West"

 MC Eiht's album "Which Way iz West" has been in the works for a long time by now, and was originally set to be released in 2010. Yet, there's still not even a release date for the LP, which on paper and based on the singles released so far should be nothing short of incredible. For the project, Eiht has hooked up with long-time friend and super producer, DJ Premier, and his Year Round Records imprint. Eiht and Preem together guarantees a hot ass album, but we all know that there's been a lot of unfortunate problems with the label; resulting in both Blaq Poet and Nick Javas leaving to pursue other deals, while NYGz "Hustler's Union" remains without even a release date after four years of push backs. I really hope "Which Way Iz West" will not end up a shelved classic, and that we will be able to pick it up at least within a reasonable time frame.

What do we know about Eiht's upcoming album? As mentioned above, DJ Premier will act as its executive producer, but not as main producer. It has been revealed that he has three beats on the album, with additional scratches on a few other joints. The bulk of the project was recorded at the legendary HeadCQuarterz studios (formerly D&D). So far, four singles has been released, and they have all been straight up supreme; real hip-hop shit, with a lot of soulful samples, tight rhythm tracks, ill turntable work and Eiht in absolutely excellent form. "I think [Which Way Is West] is going to be well-accepted, and it's going to go down as one of my best records," the emcee said in an interview with HipHopDX back in 2010.

An interesting point is that the five tracks we've heard so far, (the vieo above is part of the sampler; if anyoe got the mp3 please send it my wa( has all been laced by Austrian producer Brenk Sinatra. This point to the likeliness that he's the main producer of "Which Way Iz West". Some people might feel cheated of Preem's limited involvement, but personally I feel that the chemistry that's so evident between Brenk and Eiht on these cuts is just as exciting. I've compiled all the released cuts into a little sampler for y'all to nod your heads to this beautiful morning. Most of the songs were released as internet singles, while the track "Fine By Me" first appeared on the YRR promo album - "Get Used 2 Us". I also added the "From QB to California" remix of Blaq Poet's "Aint Nuttin Changed", featuring Eiht and Young Maylay, as it is also representative of Eiht's work on Year Round. 'Nuff talk - TURN IT UP!!

01. "All Hood"
02. "I Need That"
03. "Fine By Me"
04. "Where U Goin' 2"
05. "Aint Nuttin Changed Remix" (w. Blaq Poet & Young Maylay)



  1. unfortunately - this might be all we get. premier is now becoming consistent with being a flake - not on the boards - on the label.....and its a damn shame.

  2. Dope Which way is west better come out . Eiht has a new mixtape all starz and straps Volume 3 its Dope . Some fresh music on it , songs like We on , and a song Eiht did with Xzibit its the bomb . Look up MC Eiht featuring Xzibit 2012 its a good song . Keep the hip hop alive

  3. i would be PISSED if this never saw the light of day.

  4. is this still coming out i cant find any updates or shit