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Friday, May 18, 2012

"DiLLATROiT" Coming Soon

As recently reported, a collection of new tracks based on rare J Dilla beats and titled "Return Of Detroit" is set for a June 12 release. Before the LP hits stores, Mahogani Music is providing fans with a pre-EP called "Dillatroit", available as a limited vinyl release this May 25. I believed "Jay Dee's Revenge" were supposed to appear here, but I don't see it on the tracklist. The announced B-side, "Birthright" is the opener though. I can't find where to order, but if you're interested in getting your hans on this I suggest you keep an eye on their online store.

01. "Birthright"
02. "Feel This Shit"
03. "The Best That Ever Did It"
04. "Let's Pray Together"
05. "Ride With It"
06. "Say My Name"
07. "Dillatroit"
08. "Detroit Madness"
09. "Possible"
10. "Mind Yo' Business"
11. "Rebirth is Neccessary"
12. "Pitfalls"

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