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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


D.I.T.C. fans all over the world has been eagerly awaiting this date, as May 8 equals the release of Showbiz & AG's brand new, free street album "Mugshot Music: Preloaded". I've had the pleasure of listening regulary to this for quite some time now, and as I pointed out in my recent review, this is vintage Show & A music. If you're already initiated with the boom bap esthetics of this superior MC/Producer duo, this 15 exclusive tracks is more of the same formula that has made their name synonymous with the finest true school hip-hop out there. This is not Show & A's official album, but a collection of tracks recorded for the forthcoming "Mugshot Music" that won't make the final cut for one reason or another. 

Produced by Showbiz, vocals by AG, mix and cuts by DJ Premier and guest verses by OC. And it doesn't cost you a thing, so the least you can do is make sure that you cop the "Mugshot Music" retail when it drops. And while you're at it, why not support Showbiz' sick instrumental LP, "Still Diggin' Vol. 1" from iTunes. Crank this up LOUD, and feel free to drop a comment with your thoughts on the direction of this project.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that D.I.T.C. Records gives fans the option to enjoy the album for free, or purchase "Peloaded: The Deluxe Version" @ iTunes. By choosing the latter, you are not only supporting some of the best artists on the scene, but you also get three exclusive bonus tracks; and trust me when I say that they are no throwaway cuts either!

01. "DJ Premier's Road Test"
02. "That Nigga Crazy"
03. "Wolves" (Ft. OC)
04. "Here & Now"
05. "I Just Go Along"
06. "God is 4 Us"
07. "Berri Love" (Ft. OC)
08. "Walk With Me"
09. "You in Trouble" (Ft. DJ Premier)
10. "My Imagination"
11. "Show & A"
12. "South Bronx Shit" (Ft. DJ Premier)
13. "Experience"
14. "Suspended Animation"
15. "The Bond"

1 comment:

  1. Yes guy. You say it. I will download this, cause it is a free album. You put it first in the net.

    This is the resurrection of that real good rap.
    I think i am not so occupied like you with this music. I had this phase from 1992-2002. My first CD was The Chronic. Through MTV i recognized the eastcoast rap. And from then my very intense occupation was eastcoast rap. I'm sure i never will know all of the activists from the golden age era but i know i heard the most important releases. From ATCQ - Wu Tang i know about their releases.

    A lot of legends passed away. That is life. A lot of good rap is still on the come.

    I hear music from new artists like Nipsey Hussle, Jay Rock, The Game.

    From the eastcoast i actual hear music from Mr Piif, Dysfunctional Family, Erick Sermon, Jamal, Queen Latifah. It is a lot. And i hear death metal from Massacre, heavy metal from Motorhead.

    I was real fanatic about rap. Not not so much as on the past. I think that's life, even if artists like Rakim or Granmaster Flash are still into music. I'm am not their age, but at a certain age life interests change. My occupation is mainly not the music as it was. Still i like music.