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Monday, November 5, 2012

9th Wonder & Buckshot - "What I Gotta Say"

9th Wonder and Buckshot has been responsible for some really hot music together, and they are now preparing their third collaborative effort "The Solution" for a November 13 release via Duck Down/Jamla. I got high hopes for this, the two singles have been slamming and to me Buck and 9th's projects have each been slightly iller than the one before so if that logic holds this should be their finest effort yet... But we'll see. The first single was called "Stop Rapping" and saw an agressive Buckshot giving advice to sucker emcees over a wondrous 9th proeduction with a lot of bottom. Today they hit us up with the equally hot "What I Gotta Say" following a similiar formula; what I would like to call rugged and hard-boiled soul music. Pre-order the CD @ UGHH ASAP.

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