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Monday, November 5, 2012

Cappadonna - "In The Dungeon"

The tenth member of Wu-Tang Clan is back with another album, and this time it's a double disc; "Earth, Wind & Fire". To be honest, when you're dealing with Cappa you never know what you'll get, sometimes he outshines all competition on posse cuts, sometimes his solo albums are straight fire, but sometimes his verses sound like they were freestyled on an album full of mediocre stuff. I hope this will be a winer though, the first single features Show Stopper, is produced by J.Glaze and given the title "In The Dungeon", and it's in fact not bad at all. "Earth, Wind & Fire" hit stores on January 13 next year on RBC Records, and will feature production and cameos from, amongst others, Sav Killz, Stu Bangas, G-Force and Solomon Childs. You can check out a four minutes long audio sampler of the album here.

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