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Saturday, November 3, 2012

New WU-TANG CLAN album in the works...

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The rumours about a new Wu-Tang Clan album has been spread amongst both fans and actual members of the Wu. But up until now, it's mostly been quotes like "we really want to make another Wu album" and similiar stuff. But now my favorite emcee out the whole Wu Camp, Ghostface Killah reveals that he and The RZA has been in the studio recording material that will most likely end up on a new Wu-Tang Clan album. Considering how things weren't all peaches and cream with Ghost and Rae after the "8 Diagrams" LP, this is a great sign. I personally thought "8 Diagrams" was an absolutely brilliant album, which in a way sounded exactly like a Clan album, but at the same time (to me at least) sounded more like a Clan album than "Iron Flag", without a doubt. You had the best shaolin/Kung Fu flick samples since their two first albums, and on a lyrical level it was absolutely top notch material.. Yeah, they were some questionable hooks to say the least, and hopefully this won't be the plan for any future Clan projects.

Especially Ghost and RZA, who used to be the tightest in the entire Clan had a lot of unfinished business around that time, stuff that even went to court but it seems they have reconciled by now. Case in point, is that RZA has produced for the upcoming "Wu-Block" album, Ghost appears twice on RZA's forthcoming soundtrack and RZA is also the executive producer on GFK's upcoming album with Adrian Younge which will be released on the label he recently took over, Soul Temple Records. We will just have to wait and see, but this is the most promising news I've heard of a new Wu album in at least 5 years. Bring da ruckuss people!

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  1. 8 Diagrams is a great album but I would still say it´s the weakest of the 5 Clan albums! There are a some not so great beats on the album, I think the single with Erykah Badu was boring, Ghostface was only on 3 tracks and not on the ODB tribute song (which I also think was weak!) so there must have been some issues with him & RZA! but that seems be in the past now so a new WU album next year would be amazing.