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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DJ K.O. - "Pick A Card" (Ft. Justin Bates)

If you would ask me for the most slept-on albums of 2012, DJ K.O.'s slamming "EPMBeTheTeam" would without a question be one of my picks. Not that it didn't make some noise but compared to some of these LP:s that been getting hyped, K.O.'s sophomore deserves a lot more credit. Stripping away most of the high-profile guest producers and emcees in favor of a tight click of rhymesayers and crate diggers works out really well. The booming beats are dripping with dusty funk and turntable madness, providing a bridge between the golden age of the mid-'90s and the hip-hop platters spun in 2012. One of the stand-out joints is the single "Pick A Card" which features K.O.'s new artist Justin Bates showing and proving on the microphone, with co-production by Madwreck. In case you're still sleeping on the album, the song gives a great idea of what to expect when blazing the full "EMPBeTheTeam".

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