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Friday, November 9, 2012

MF GRIMM x DRASAR - "Preemptive Strike"

Super emcee MF Grimm is ready to strike with another album again, as he has hooked up with producer Drasar Monumental to create "Good Morning Vietnam" on Vendetta Vinyl in December. While we're eagerly awaiting the bomb, the duo drops the prequel mixtape "Preemptive Strike" that showcases a lot of their past work. So, while there's not a mixtape filled with all new material it presents a great view of Grimm at his dopest, and as you know that is one guy that got nothing but extraordinary material. There's also some Drasar beats sprinkled in, which gives us an idea of how these two gonna be wrecking havoc in December. Read more over @ HipHopBattlefield. In usual order, bang this one LOUD!

01. "Take 'Em To War" [Original Verison]
02. "1000 Degrees Break"
03. "Dedicated Flip"
04. "Stress Box"
05. "Crumbs"
06. "Emotions"
07. "Grimm on Stretch & Bobbito Show"
08. "Do it For the Kids"
09. "Time & Space"
10. "Interview on Freddie Lockhart Show"
11. "In The End Flip"
12. "Voices"


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