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Thursday, November 15, 2012

DJ NU-MARK - "Broken Sunlight #5"

DJ Nu-Mark has truly delivered this year with his incredible Broken Sunlight series, which has been coming out steadily every other month or so. The concept has been to think outside of the box, as each EP has been made available for a limited amount of time as a free download, as well as on beautifully pressed 10" vinyl singles with full artwork and the bonus item of a USB-drive in the shape of a turntable needle. This is all leading up to the release of "Broken Sunlight", the album, on December 11.

Throughout the four installments in the series Nu-Mark has brought us with him on a journey through hardcore hip-hop with Bumpy Knuckles and Large Pro, soulful jazz-funk with the remix of Earl Hines "Our Generation", bright and sunny soul-infused rap with J-Live, and now latest some latin-tinged breakbeat frenzy, and much more. For the just released Voulme 5, the funk is in full effect; emcee Haas delivers some well-designed bars while Nu-Mark paints a smooth groove with absolutely immaculate drums and a great usage of horn samples. Also check for the supreme B-side interlude, "Venegance is Mine" which, with its majestic horns blowing, is just perfect for the intro I now will be using it for when combining all of the singles and their B-sides; 10 tracks in total by now. Head over to the Official Nu-Mark site to order this, or any of the other 10" singles in the series... TURN IT UP!!

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