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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DiLLA Heads Rejoice!

Right before leaving the physical, J Dilla blessed the world with one of the finest god damn instrumental albums of all time with his much cherished "Donuts". Stones Throw have made it official that they are re-releasing the full set in a glossy deluxe box set, featuring the 31-track set spread over seven 7" 45 singles. Included in the package are also an additional eight disc, featuring the outtake beat "Signs" as well as "Murder Goons"/"Sniper Elite", with vocals by MF DOOM and Ghostface, recorded in late 2005. Head over to Stones Throw to read more, check out pics and pre-order the box before its January 7 release.

But that's not all... Ma Dukes own Yancey Media Group who were behind this year's "Rebirth of Detroit" project is planning a slew of official Dilla releases for 2013. Teaming up with Delicious Vinyl, a project entitled "Lost Scrolls" has been announced, as well as a digital-only single called "The Throwaway" featuring Illa J and Frank Nitty. But most interesting is the announcement that Frank-N-Dank's "48 HRS" will finally get an official release. I have the semi-official bootleg CD, but I really hope that we will now get to hear the original version of that album, before they took all the samples out.

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