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Monday, November 12, 2012

ROC MARCIANO - "Strength & Honor"

Roc Marciano's "Strength & Honor" stands somewhere between a mixtape and an album, though it was released only in very limited amounts which is why I still would like to consider "Marcberg" the official solo debut. Made available on printed CD-R shortly after the release of The UN's "U N Or U Out" I want to remember it being called a companion piece to that album, which absolutely makes sense considering it does feature a lot of collaborations with the group. Placed next to Marciano's remaining catalouge, it's not a stand-out by any means, but it's definitely a solid listen and features some stellar production work from Pete Rock, Nottz, and Roc himself. Thanks to ANT for the upload and for always coming through ... "Reloaded" out tomorrow!

01. "L.I. (Stand Up)"
02. "Boulevard" (Ft. Dino Brave)
03. "Crumbs" (Ft. Dino Brave)
04. "Instruction" [Skit]
05. "Scared Straight"
06. "Pimpin' Ain't Easy"
07. "Situations Like This" [Skit]
08. "Wargames A.K.A. French Connection"
09. "MC's"
10. "Fall Back"
11. "Funkyard" (Ft. Dino Brave & Mic Raw)
12. "Falsehood" (Ft. Dino Brave & Mic Raw)
14. "Time Kills"
15. "The UN House" (w/ The UN)
16. "Keep Risin'"

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