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Thursday, November 22, 2012

[Lost Gems] KOOL G RAP - "Hey Mister"

 In 1995 The Kool Genius of Rap had left his trusted DJ Polo to focus on a solo career, kicking things off with the often overlooked "4,5,6" album. Full of now classics like the Nas collaboration "Fast Life", "It's A Shame", "Take 'Em to War" w/ MF Grimm and B1, and "For Da Brothaz", to name a few. The two last mentioned songs were produced by veteran producer Todd Ray, known for his work with The Artifacts, Percee P, Cypress Hill, and others. T-Ray also contributed a third song with G Rap for the sessions; a track titled "Hey Mister" that didn't make the final album cut. The reason? 

Despite sounding right at home with the rest of the "4,5,6" songs with its pounding drums and center-stage bassline, the record label Epic wouldn't have nothing to do with the song due to it's extrememe lyrical content. Filled with pro-domestic violence and even rape, this might be one of the most controversial rap songs by a respect artist ever released. Just take the addictive chorus where G Rap adresses guys trying to interrupt him from beating on his girl; "Hey mister, don't interrupt me while I'm beating on my bitch's ass". Not too strange that this was pulled off the album in other words, but if you're a G Rap fan and doesn't mind some cassic misoginisty, this is a real treat. 

Luckily, this lost tape has since made its way to the underground bootlet market. It first started to get play on the Stretch & Bobbito show at the time of it's recording, though with a few DJ drops tagging it up as is usually custom. However, Stretch Armstrong, an obvious fan of the record, took the initiative toto release the song on a White Label 12" on his own, also including the instrumental. I'm not sure when the vinyl was released but most likely no less than two years after the official "4,5,6" release. If you haven't heard this gem yet, now it's definitely the time so make sure to hit that download button below.


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    1. works fine for me, but give me 5 minutes and i'll up a mirror

  2. jesus christ this a fucking classic, hadnt heard it in year but i still know most. . . "cuz im a muthafuckin bitch hater" wow